Double Ended Ferry : Urban Sprinter Series

CoCo Yachts has created an ultimate solution for short routes: The Urban Sprinter. A double ended ferry based on an aluminium or steel catamaran with two bows and one or two wheelhouses. Due to high maneuverability requirements, the Urban Sprinters are equipped with Azimuth propulsion, either 2 or 4, which can be directly diesel driven or diesel-electric driven. Even dual fuel (diesel and CNG or LNG) is possible.

Turning a vessel costs quite some time and energy. For double ended ferries, there is no need to turn the ship, because the ship has two bows. The time that is saved by not turning the vessel, results in sailing with reduced speed, which results in a significant reduction of the fuel consumption up to 30%! As less power is needed in order to achieve the service speed, it is possible to install smaller engines, which not only have a positive effect on the fuel consumption, but also on the maintenance cost.

The Urban Sprinter is a functional muscleman, based on very short 'load & go' times. By using large doors, the time required to embark and disembark is short to very short. The layout of the passenger accommodation is spacious, with remarkably large aisles and an easy and natural passenger flow. All is arranged to keep embarkation times as short as possible.

The Urban Sprinter can be custom design and is available from 30 – 140 m, with a single or double deck or even with double deck loading system.

The design is in accordance with Bureau Veritas rules & regulations and meets the local regulations for safety and the environment.

The Urban Sprinter is the solution for safe and highly efficient passenger transport on the shorter routes.

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