Dive Boat DB30

The Dive Boat 30 is a great boat for coastal sailing at high speed. Long bows and draw back cross deck to avoid slamming. Spacious main deck and WC-room. Wash basins and showers. The Dive Boat 30 has it all.

The Dive Boat 30 may be powered by two (2) 150 HP outboard engines. The engines will have remote controlled rpm – thrust directions, trim and tilt, installed in the steering console on main deck. Each outboard engine will have hand-hydraulic steering.

The dismountable Dive Boat 30 is a unique high speed catamaran, specially designed for great leisure trips for friends, family and even bigger groups up to 30 people. Lots of deck space, including seats, storage for diving gear, and even WC-room and shore taps are foreseen. Wheelchairs can board easily through the big bulwark doors.

Mounting and dis-mounting is very easy, and can be done within 1 day with support of small crane. The dive ramp on the forward part of the cross deck makes is very safe and simple to go in and out the water. 

Enjoy the Difference!