Fast Platform Supply Vessel

The CoCo Yachts Fast Platform Supply Vessels are designed for medium and high speed transportation of passengers, crew and cargo with a payload between 50 tons and 350 tons. 

Based on the Owner's requirements and the sailing area, the Fast Platform Supply Vessel can either be mono hull or catamaran. The hull can be made of steel or aluminium, whereas the superstructure is always made of aluminium. 

All Fast Platform Supply Vessels can be equipped with conventional diesel propulsion, but also dual fuel (marine diesel - LNG / CNG) or LNG.

Depending on the speeds, and Dynamic Positioning requirements, the Fast Platform Supply Vessel can be equipped with conventional propellers, controllable pitch propellers or water jets.

For specific applications or specific trades, we offer customized solutions, enabling us to reduce the costs of ownership as much as possible.

The basic design meets Bureau Veritas & IMO High Speed ​​Code 2000 regulations. If desired, the Fast Platform Supply Vessel can simply be adapted to local regulations, as well as local conditions.

Each Fast Platform Supply Vessel is built by professionals with many years of experience. Maximum use is to be made of 'proven equipment’, but there will be innovative materials applied wherever possible. So the Fast Platform Supply Vessel can distinguish even more in performance!


Enjoy the Difference!