Low wash inland ferries : Urban Cruiser Series

CoCo Yachts has designed a series of medium and high speed aluminium low wash catamarans for the use on inland waterways: The Urban Cruiser Series.

The design of the Urban Cruiser is based on a pure focus on functionality and efficiency for both operators and passengers. When a ship is easy to sail and easy to maintain, this is a very big advantage for users. In addition, a lot of attention has been paid to the interior and the view. Large windows and therewith lots of light are making the Urban Cruisers an easily accessible and relaxing way of transportation.

As well as with all transport solutions designed by CoCo Yachts, a lot of attention has been paid on the 'Total Cost of Ownership’, focusing on fuel consumption, steering characteristics and maintenance. The hull shapes are optimized with respect to friction and wave making resistance, which is not only beneficial for the fuel consumption, but also for wash & wake. The great advantage of good steering characteristics, is that the time to moor the ship is shorter, which enables the reduction of the service speed, at the same timetable. Easy sailing inevitably leads to a lower stresslevel for the crew as well as passengers. Easy sailing will also lower the risk of damage to the vessel, lower fuel costs and reduced exhaust emissions.

The Urban Cruiser Series can be equipped with conventional diesel propulsion, as well as dual fuel (diesel - LNG / CNG), LNG or fully electric.

The design of all of the Urban Cruisers is based on the Bureau Veritas Inland Rules, and can be adapted to the local law & regulations.

The Urban Cruiser can be custom designed and built in lengths between 20 and 140 meters.

The Urban Cruiser Series is the perfect solution for transport on (inland) rivers.

Enjoy the Difference!