V.I.P. ships - Commercial Yachts

CoCo Yachts has developed a series of vessels for inland and coastal waters, which can be used as a VIP ship as well as commercial yacht. For this, the key points are the experience on board, views, interior detailing, position and size of the windows, stairs and furniture, as well as (very) low noise and vibrational sounds.

The V.I.P. vessels are designed for your guests. Moreover they are the most important on board, so everything they need on board has to be there to please them.

Although most VIP vessels designed by CoCo Yachts are based on aluminium catamaran hull form, we surely can design in steel or GRP, and mono hulls.

The V.I.P ships can be adapted to local regulations, as well as local customs and conditions.

Interior, but also exterior is detailed to the highest level. Outdoor lighting, underwater lighting, anything you wish for is possible.

Enjoy the Difference!