Delivered: Coastal Cruiser 356 to Blue Jet Zhuhai Fast Ferries



CoCo Yachts B.V. is pleased to announce the delivery on September 20th, 2019 of another excellent Coastal Cruiser 356 high-speed passenger vessel, named Xin Hai Zhu, to Blue Jet Zhuhai Fast Ferries of China. The vessel closely follows four predecessors delivered in 2016 (Hai Jing and Hai Qin), 2017 (Xin Hai Shan) and in the Q1 of 2019 delivered vessel named Xin Hai Tian.


The Coastal Cruiser 356 is fully designed by CoCo Yachts B.V. and build by Plenty Shipbuilding Industry Ltd. of Zhuhai, China. The vessel will be used as a transportation operator between mainland of China and Hong Kong Island.

The CC356 is a high-performance aluminium high-speed passenger vessel.

With a length of 40.2m, beam of 11.3m and a depth of 3.5m, the vessel has a capacity of 356 passengers and 10 crew members. For propulsion, the two propellers are connected with 2x MTU16V2000M72 main engines, which delivered a trial speed of 30.7 knots @ 100% MCR. This vessel can carry the largest number of passengers and is the fastest propeller ship in the fleet of Blue Jet Zhuhai Fast Ferries.