CoCo Yachts and AFAI Southern Shipyard sign contract for one Coastal Cruiser 199 and one Coastal Cruiser 300 with Peng Xing Shipping Company

CoCo Yachts is very proud to announce two new contracts with the first Coastal Cruiser 199 customer : Peng Xing Shipping Company. Just after having delivered the fifth AFAI Southern Shipyard built Coastal Cruiser 199, Peng Xing Shipping Company decided to buy another Coastal Cruiser 199 and one (1) Coastal Cruiser 300, both with an option for one.  Based on their great experiences with the fleet of 5, the decision to continue with the CoCo Yachts designed Coastal Cruiser series was taken quickly. The 27.5% lower fuel consumption, compared with their other vessels, and very low noise levels in the wheelhouse, crew accommodation and passengers salons, in combination with good sea keeping performance, appeared to be very convincing.  The new aluminium high speed passenger ferries will be built at AFAI Southern Shipyard in Guangzhou.

The Coastal Cruiser 199 will be delivered to Peng Xing Shipping Company in January 2017, whereas the Coastal Cruiser 300 will be ready for delivery April 2017. Both vessels shall be deployed to run services in the Pearl River delta between Shenzhen - Zhuhai - Hong Kong - Macau P.R. China.