CoCo Yachts and AFAI Southern Shipyard book one Coastal Cruiser 298 for WuZhiZhou Island Sanya - Hainan

CoCo Yachts is very proud to announce a new contract for a custom designed luxurious passenger ferry for WuZhiZhou Island, who works on a major upgrade of their fleet. CoCo Yachts and AFAI were able to propose the best combination of design – performance – delivery time and price. Not only the exterior had to be special and attractive, but also the performance in waves and the comfort for passengers and crew of the new ferry had to be significantly improved.

The Coastal Cruiser 298 will be equipped with winch operated passenger ramps on each of the main deck to ensure safe and  efficient boarding.

The new aluminium medium speed passenger ferry will be built at AFAI Southern Shipyard in Guangzhou and will be delivered to WuZhiZhou Island Q3 - 2017.