CoCo Yachts - Plenty Ships sign contract for one Coastal Cruiser 199 and one Coastal Cruiser 300 with Peng Xing Shipping Company

CoCo Yachts is very proud to announce a new repeat order with Peng Xing Shipping Company for the next pair of state of the art aluminium high speed ferries. Peng Xing Shipping Company has currently six (6) Coastal Cruisers 199 and one (1) Coastal Cruiser 300 in its fleet, and will add one (1) Coastal Cruiser 199 and one (1) Coastal Cruiser 300, both in accordance with the China Classification Society Rules 2015 and IMO High Speed Code 2000.

CoCo Yachts – Plenty Ships won the tender for both fast ferries based on very good experiences with the delivered vessels, price, performance and delivery times.

The new pair of ferries have the same hull as the previous designed and built ferries, but due to the revised CCS rules and the IMO high speed code 2000, the light ship weight increased. Due to that, new interceptors and fins have been designed with the in house HPC cluster, running Numeca FineMarine CFD software in order to achieve the best possible performance.

The interior design will be very comfortable for passengers, with very low noise and vibrations levels, and high capacity air conditioning system.

The aluminium high speed passenger ferries will be built at Plenty Ships – Sunbird Group in Zhuhai, in the just opened  aluminium production facility, measuring 250 x 126 m.

The Coastal Cruiser 199 and 300 will be delivered to Peng Xing Shipping Company in Q2- 2018, whereas the both vessels shall be deployed to run services in the Pearl River delta between Shenzhen - Zhuhai - Hong Kong - Macau P.R. China.