North and South Sea Shipping Co. orders a Coastal Cruiser 331 Monohull



Recently Glow Marine of Singapore got an order from North and South Sea Shipping Co. of Taiwan for the construction of a CoCo Yachts Coastal Cruiser 331 Monohull.

The CC-331 has a length over all of 49.9 8m, a beam of 8.8 0m and will have diesel-waterjet propulsion. The Coastal Cruiser 331 is a great vessel for high speed sailing. The hull construction is designed for sailing in waves up to 4.0 m and a maximum vertical acceleration of 1g (9.81m/s2). CFD based hydrodynamic R&D has been used to further improved comfort for passengers and crew in combination with significantly reduced fuel consumption.

The luxurious detailed passenger deck with big windows ensure superb outside views. The spacious passenger area, in combination with low noise and vibration levels, will make it a pleasure to travel.

Enjoy the Difference!