Our Coastal Explorer 350 hybrid is the best large tourist boat of 2021!


Our beautiful Coastal Explorer 350-hybrid named Dawanqu No 2 awarded as the best large tourist boat of 2021 by Work Boat World!

Dawanqu No 2 is 1 of the 2 medium speed sea going catamaran passenger ships, build for the same Owner,  with diesel electric hybrid propulsion. They are the first of this kind of vessels every built in China! The vessel has very low noise and vibration levels when running on diesel – electric mode, and almost no noise when running in Zero Emission mode. Although the communication with China Classification Society and MSA was very good, the difficulty was that this was the first sea going passenger catamaran CCS and MSA classed. The cooperation was intense, but very awarding for all parties involved. The end result makes us all very proud.

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